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We are proud to co-create with this award-winning design / manufacturing partner. Our objective here is to launch product that combines innovative design, intelligent technology and allows us to offer you the very best in branding. This results in an emotional desire to keep hold of the product and hence keep your logo always in sight.

Xoopar is specialised in designing, manufacturing and marketing innovative IT electronics / gadgets.

How to pronounce Xoopar?
“Xoopar” comes from the word “super”, i.e. super development, quality, compliance, etc. People will always remember Xoopar when pronouncing super.

Design Philosophy
Our goal is to combine “Innovative product concept, Intelligent technology and Exciting design”, beneath a unique finish using quality materials to create an emotional desire to own and use the product.

Celebrating now over 90 years of ground breaking design. The list of their new inventions has changed the way we all live our lives and improve our health and wellbeing.

A carefully selected range of products is available, mostly from stock designed to enhance your brand, designed with your next campaign in mind.

Wireless charging . smart . simple . fast

A pioneer in wireless charging. The market is growing quickly with a definitive push toward wireless charging in society. The automotive market is a good example with manufacturers such as Audi, Ford and BMW, issuing press-releases regarding their adoption of the technology. Ikea accelerated its speed even more, showcasing a new collection of Qi integrated furniture.
Embedding invisible smart technologies Office furniture that wirelessly recharges smartwatches, smartphones, tablets and even laptops?